The Tech We Stack.


Vue is a breeze to work with in building SPA. We love it for the relatable approach it takes to solving problem and its just fun to work with!

Nuxt.js boast as the intuitive Vue framework and boy is that true! We mostly build all our UI with Vue using Nuxt! It's a life saver when it comes to Universal Applications or Static sites

We can't appreciate enough the simplicity Tailwind CSS brought to styling. It's our go-to CSS framework on all projects!

Vite is a super fast build tool that just speeds up Front-end development


Sails is an amazing Node.js MVC framework similar to Laravel and Rails. It has great conventions and we use it for web APIs as well as fullstack websites. We love this tech and was created primarily to teach Sails.


Debugging of a Sails application has never been easier. guppy let's you test your Sails helpers and Waterline queries from an amazing UI.

Render is not only easy to use but it's intuitive as a cloud hosting platform. All our websites are hosted on Render!

We collaborate on all our projects via GitHub.

We use Penpot for wireframing, UI/UX designs, and even design social banners and thumbnails for YouTube and Twitter. is an open-source alternative to Calendly for scheduling meetings. We pretty much use it for times we need to have a quick 1:1.

Desktop Apps.

Sizzy is the browser for developers that allows you build responsive websites amongs 23241054815 things it lets you do to speed up your web development workflow

Beekeeper Studio

Our go to GUI for working with Databases. Also works with Redis

We literally work from Basecamp. From company wide announcements, to shaping up projects and To-dos and all communications with team members.

We can't overemphasize how crucial password security is nowadays. All our logins and passwords are stored into a BitWarden vault.

Visual Studio Code

We probably agree unanimously that VS Code is the most used editor at Sailscasts HQ.

From capturing screens and camera for Sailscasts Screencasts, OBS got us covered

Davinci Resolve

All our video editing is resolved in here(get it?)

We use Discord to host the Sailscasts community. It's mostly fun and we help each other in learning and mastering Sails. Sailscasters occassionally do some collaborative coding sessions in here as well.