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Before Sailscasts: You wonder where to learn and master Sails to a pro level for your work and personal projects. Endless google search and hunting for answers across the Sails documentation for how to get things done. Following Stackoverflow answers to a dead-end. After Sailscasts: Master Sails to build your ideas, products and businesses.

One place to master Sails.

You may be scrambling to figure out how to do X or implement Y in Sails. But you are in the right place with Sailscasts. We built Sailscasts to be the all-in-one learning resource we wish we had when starting out building modern web applications and APIs with Sails.

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Learning on your own can be frustrating that's why we created the Sailscasts community - a place to get help with Sails, Node.js, JavaScript, or any other problem you need help with.

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-Mike McNeil, Creator, Sails

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